Brief sessions can confirm your resolutions. Then we file the papers.

Knowing all your alternatives thoroughly should not be an option; it should be the standard.

What makes a situation “amicable”?

You may think you’ve completely resolved your issues. I’ll make sure you have the information you need to make truly sound decisions. I can help you create a sturdy framework for the new chapter in your lives.

When you and your domestic partner understand that focusing on goals saves money and time, I can facilitate your divorce with less pain for all involved.

To help you quickly move from blank pages to legally binding documents, I’ll:


  1. Establish goals and make sure each of you can express your needs openly.
  2. Cultivate skills that enable both partners to focus their efforts.
  3. Identify what’s really important to everyone.
  4. Plan for separation of financial assets.
  5. Develop sound parenting arrangements.
  6. Plan for the future as needs and finances change

The impact on children

When children are involved, everything you say, do, and feel is magnified. Mundane issues can become points of contention. Read more>

Financial arrangements

Maximizing wealth and creating  cash flow are amongf the financial tasks we will address. Read more>

Everyone wins—By using the most efficient and least contentious process.

Lending support and protecting hard-earned assets are what mediation and collaborative law were founded upon.