Preserving resources, maximizing opportunities, reducing wasteful contention, and protecting hard-earned assets are what mediation and collaborative law were founded upon—but they’re not only for divorce. In fact, these principles were born in business.

I believe the mediation and collaborative law methods present the opportunity for a better resolution of any business dispute—and my many commercial clients agree.

How I take business situations from stuck to solved:

  • Understand what’s at stake.
  • Identify common goals
  • Facilitate productive communication skills (especially when personalities differ drastically).
  • Focus on interests rather than positions working to replace aggression and anger with collaboration and creativity.

My role

Whether serving as mediator (neutral person) or collaborative lawyer (representing you or your business individually), my experience in commercial law and training in conflict management—along with patience and a dedication to productive and respectful interactions—help create satisfying outcomes for all parties.

What business situations can benefit from my services?

  • Business dissolution
  • Employer/employee disputes
  • Contested wills, estate issues
  • real estate transaction disputes
  • Land-use issues
  • Disagreement with customers, suppliers or service providers
  • Partnership problems
A business built together may not stand the test of time. Or perhaps your business has prospered but you and your partners want to pursue different interests. I will enable you to resolve your dispute and move forward.