Your situation is unique.  It deserves individualized attention.

Complex finances/lifestyle issues

Financial and/or lifestyle complications can include blended families, closely-held businesses, a dependence on royalty income, and more. Learn more >

Constant conflict

You may feel under siege in which you can’t reach agreements and you know you need help. You may also need to convince your partner (who may be sincerely skeptical) that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the best route to saving each other, your assets, and your children. Learn more.>

Children’s welfare

If you are a parent, your biggest concern is the effect the divorce will have on your children. The stress and trauma that can accompany a bitter divorce can have lasting, debilitating effects on children and their relationships with others both inside and outside your family. I can help ensure that both the divorce process and it’s outcome reflect your desire to protect and provide for your children. Read more.>

Peaceful parting

Your relationship with your spouse remains mostly or completely amicable–you feel that you’ve resolved many of your issues, and you simply seek a quick, smooth legal resolution. Learn how I can offer you the closure you seek and help speed the documentation process.>

Other situations I handle:

Commercial business issues

  • Real estate transaction disputes
  • Land-use issues
  • Disagreements with customers, suppliers or service providers
  • Partnership disputes
  • Will contest pre and post nuptial agreements
  • Read more >