As a mediator, I’ll guide both of you, as a couple, through the divorce process. Our goals will be simple: to emerge with the asset distribution and parenting arrangements that work best for you in the most efficient manner possible.

The mediator’s role

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”—Albert Einstein

A mediator is a neutral person, sounding board and guide who manages and keeps the conversation going and properly focused. My experience in matrimonial law, training in conflict management, and dedication to productive, respectful interactions, enable me to facilitate talking—and listening—between both partners without passing judgment or taking sides.

About me as a mediator

Litigation: Been there, done with that, here for you

As a mediator, I remain open to both sides of your situation so I can help ease conflicts, guide constructive conversations, and enable you to reach a resolution that meets everyone’s needs.

But as a former litigator, I’m also intimately acquainted with that very different, often difficult route, in which advocates are adversaries, someone wins and—almost always—someone loses. (That’s one reason I said goodbye to the process.)

I’m here now to help you meet those challenges head-on, openly and in a spirit of cooperation.

The mediator’s obligations:
  • Setting the tone for constructive negotiation
  • Creating an atmosphere conducive to honest discussion (see Meeting Examples)
  • Turning competition into cooperation
  • Working with trust issues
  • Seeking practical solutions that work for both partners
  • Understanding and working with power imbalances
  • Working through anger and conflict to identify shared goals
  • Preparing legal memoranda and any required settlement documents
To make an informed decision on what way is best for your representation, also see:


Q: What if you need help involving financial questions before making a decision?
Q:You want expert guidance in questions about parenting and minimizing the negative effects of divorce on your children?

A: Specialized counsel can be called in to help with specific issues that arise. These can include financial planners, tax consultants, divorce coaches and parenting specialists. Whatever your situation requires, I can help you find an appropriate expert to help.

NOTE: Specialized Counsel is available to you through both the Mediation and Collaborative Law formats.