(from my mediation or collaborative law services)

Pushing a door from both sides does not allow it to open; pushing together in one direction can achieve a common goal. Your goal—our goal—will be a divorce that achieves the solutions that work for you in the most efficient manner possible. From the moment we meet, we’ll establish an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Typically my mediation and collaborative law process looks something like this:


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A clear structure and practical agenda:

  1. Establish a “contract” so we have shared expectations of the process.
  2. Proceed by agreement.” Each step is a joint decision that ensures everyone’s comfort and commitment, and bolsters our ability to reach consensus.
  3. Set goals and establish priorities. This is a custom process—we’ll focus on what matters to you. We’re not bound by a court schedule. This means we can calmly focus on your immediate needs, form a foundation, and work on other issues at our own pace.
  4. Identify each partner’s interests, not their positions. This helps us avoid getting locked into narrow, inflexible solutions.
  5. Formulate options. This is a creative, collaborative process. Together we will expand the possibilities.
  6. Evaluate options in light of everyone’s interests.
  7. Once both parties agree, I prepare a “draft agreement,” and review it with both of you. I strongly suggest that you also review the agreement with independent counsel. Once everyone is content with the terms, we execute a “final separation agreement,” which can form the basis for a divorce.