We understand your journey

... and will help you make choices that reflect your values and needs.

Choose the path and how you travel it.

You retain control of the decision making
— as well as your integrity.

The focus remains on what matters most.

That is why Mediation and Collaborative Law are chosen by parents.



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Finding creative solutions that work for everyone—whether divorcing, dissolving a business or resolving a dispute—is both tremendously challenging and truly satisfying. After a career spent litigating conflicts through the judicial system, it is a pleasure for me to offer alternatives that my clients find consistent with their personal values. Together we work to maintain a focus on what matters most: a resolution that leaves all parties with their shared goals achieved and their individual dignity intact. By facilitating productive discussion, I help people navigate the difficulties of the conflict without enduring the misery of combat.

The philosophy and techniques of mediation and collaborative law are often more effective and always far less stressful than the bureaucracy and battles that take place in court. Securing a future on your own terms can make your divorce (or commercial dispute) feel like the first chapter of a satisfying story, not a tale of regret and remorse. This is “real” resolution.

This website can help you understand why the process works, how it works, and what to expect:


When it comes to divorce and dispute resolution, mediation and collaborative law are rapidly becoming the norm. I am trained to resolve conflicts in a modern, practical way—reflecting the world we live in—with a focus on helping you create a stable, secure long-term future. I cut through the clutter so we can work toward common goals and reach desired outcomes for everyone involved.

Services I offer:


Contact me here or call 914-861-2400. My commitment is to you, and I’m here to answer all your questions.

I work with your schedule

We’ll hold meetings at your convenience, not a court calendar.

Saving assets, not spending them

The primary goal is to preserve your assets for your own use, rather than depleting them in the fight.

A process designed to preserve, not destroy

We employ respectful methods and pursue thoughtful solutions that value people and relationships.

Your situation is unique

I’ll tailor the process to your situation and ensure that you, not a court, make every decision.

Happy Clients

"Ivan provided us with an invaluable service in mediating our legal separation. He was highly knowledgeable, insightful, and sensitive and took the time to really understand the details of our case. I would highly recommend him."

− Sandra P., April 2014

"Thank you again for the help and support during this difficult time. It was wonderful to work with you."

− Fiona S, Jan 2014

"I used Ivan Alter as an attorney and found him to be a pleasure to work with. He is kind, organized and efficient and obtained a positive outcome. I would absolutely use him for other legal work and would highly recommend him."

− Sloan M., June 2013

Determining whether mediation/collaborative law services are right for you:

Ask yourself (and your partner):
  • Do we want an efficient way to separate or divorce?
  • Do we want a process that lets us make the critical decisions that will affect our lives?
  • Do we want a process that protects our family emotionally?
  • Do we want a process that focuses on the best interests of our children?
  • Are we willing to explore working through our separation or divorce in a spirit of cooperation?